Exclusive Medical Malpractice Insurance Program Rates for Podiatrists

Exclusive Medical Malpractice Insurance Program Rates for Podiatrists

Presidio Insurance is pleased to introduce the medical malpractice insurance program exclusively developed for the unique insurance needs of Podiatrists and is now available nationwide. DT Podiatric Preferred, LLC, a risk purchasing group(RPG), created DPM-Preferred™ Program in response to the increasing healthcare malpractice insurance rates faces by podiatric physicians.

Built on the foundation of DT Podiatric Preferred, LLC, an RPG, podiatric physicians have been provided the opportunity to unite together to leverage collective bargaining. The RPG has teamed up exclusively with Medical Protective, the nation’s most trusted and highest rated (A++) carrier in the healthcare liability industry, and its affiliates, to provide you with highly competitive premiums with specialized rate classes for podiatric physicians as well as favorable terms and conditions.

In addition to comprehensive healthcare malpractice insurance coverage from Medical Protective, your membership in the RPG will bring you a multitude of other benefits ranging from complimentary continuing education programs to sophisticated podiatric physician-specific risk prevention training that will help to curb future losses.


  • Coverage for podiatrists and their staff
  • Student and extern coverage available
  • Vicarious liability coverage for additional insureds
  • Separate limit corporation coverage
  • Shared limit corporation coverage at no additional charge (where available)
  • Separate surgical and non-surgical classification (including diagnostic and therapeutic injections, surgical procedures involving toenails, excision of skin lesions, incision an drainage of abscesses, and the treatment of ulcers)

Additional Coverage Benefits

  • $10,000 HIPAA proceedings
  • $2,000/$10,000 medical payments, regardless of fault
  • $5,000 deposition defense (when not named in a suit)
  • $2,500 per day/$10,000 aggregate for loss of earnings while assisting in your defense
  • $25,000/$100,000 administrative hearing defense, including:
    • State disciplinary hearings
    • Licensure actions
    • Medicare/Medicaid billing defense

All products administered and underwritten by Medical Protective or affiliates. The PCF Tail premium will not be waived in a Patient Compensation Fund State.


In order to save you money, Medical Protective offers a wide range of premium credits including:

  • Claims-free credits up to 15%
  • Employed Discount of 25%
  • Part-time and moonlighting credits up to 60%
  • 5% risk management premium credit
  • New to practice credit
    • 75% for 1st year
    • 50% for 2nd year
    • 35% for 3rd year
    • 15% for 4th year

Medical Protective also provides:

  • Flexibility for leave of absence, including military leave, educational leave, sabbaticals, short-term disability, and FMLA
  • Student, preceptorship, extern, and board policies

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