Cyber Security 101 [Full Webinar Presentation]


Cyber Security 101

Part 4 of our Webinar Series: “Cyber Security 101,” featuring Lee Morgan  President and CEO of Rock Solid Technology Solutions  hosted by Gisela Smith examined key tips for basic security measures for your practice.

Key Cyber Attack Protection Takeaways:

  1. Good Password Management
  2. Backup
  3. User Education (be paranoid, especially about emails)
  4. Patch Management
  5. Anti-Virus Software
  6. Good Firewall with built-in protection
  7. Physical Security
  8. DNS Security (Umbrella Security from Cisco)
  9. Use secure and known applications
  10. Do not leave WiFi insecure

Did you miss the event or just want to check it out again?

Watch part four of our webinar series: “Cyber Security 101” right here!


Cyber Security 101

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