California Physicians providing charitable care run into medical malpractice obstacles

It seems incomprehensible but it’s a fact: Medical providers and healthcare clinics willing to provide care without compensation receive very little legal protection in the way of charitable immunity laws. While physicians can usually obtain “charitable care” coverage through individual medical malpractice policies, the fact remains that volunteer physicians and surgeons still face the fear of lawsuits and the aggravation of defending themselves in the event of litigation. That’s simply not much of an incentive to motivate physicians and surgeons to willingly give of their time and expertise for the benefit of needy patients desperately needing medical care.

Presidio Insurance is looking into finding a solution to this problem. We will keep you posted as our research develops!

For profit , or non-profit we will do all we can to find you quality, cost effective medical malpractice insurance coverage.

1 thought on “California Physicians providing charitable care run into medical malpractice obstacles”

  1. George H Sutherland MD

    I am an orthopedic surgeon looking to do volunteer work in California, and I would like to find a way to provide my services with malpractice insurance either provided or as inexpensive as possible. I live in Arizona but would like to travel to Southern California for a few days a month to provide services. Can you help with this?

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