Alternative Medicine Specialized Medical Malpractice Policy

Consumers demand for alternative or holistic medical treatments has sky-rocketed.  In order to meet this demand, a growing number of  practitioners have embraced alternative or complementary approaches to healthcare.

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The insurance industry has only recently come of age in recognizing this trend and offering coverage for alternative medicine. Presidio has been at the forefront of this emerging medical malpractice insurance trend.

We have a variety of Alternative medicine coverage options – including medical malpractice insurance coverage for physicians and naturopaths offering hormone replacement therapy, HCG weight loss, acupuncture  medical marijuana consulting, B12 and other vitamin injections, IV therapy including the Myers cocktail, and erectile dysfunction programs.

Policy options include stand-alone policies for a facility or add-on coverage for existing facilities such as medical offices or medi-spas.  Traditional medical malpractice carriers generally DO NOT extend coverage for many of these types of procedures.  Traditional medical practices offering any alternative therapies are urged to check with their insurance broker as its very common for this NOT to be covered!

2 thoughts on “Alternative Medicine Specialized Medical Malpractice Policy”

  1. I am a student of homeopathy and will beginning taking supervised cases and am interested in obtaining liability insurance. I would appreciate any recommendations or information you might be able to provide regarding this.
    Thank you,
    Gwen K

  2. Looking for malpractice insurance. Have never been sued in over 35 years of full-time practice. Practice and teach functional medicine and genomics in Washington DC. I do prescribe some medications, primarily for candida, parasites and heavy metals. Provide IVs, mostly basic chelation, meyers and glutathione. 95% of prescriptions are supplements. Hope you provide coverage in Washington, DC.

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