6 Types of Medical Professionals That Should Consider Occurrence Coverage

Young Doctors

  • Flexibility for changes that will affect their career
  • Easy to change coverage in case of selling practice, moving out of state or joining a hospital
  • No tail coverage necessary


  • More convenient for large groups that have changes in rosters
  • Doctors who leave the group are covered for their time when they worked with the group
  • Doctors do not need to buy tail coverage
  • Allows groups to “test-run” new hires

Doctors Looking to Switching from Claims-Made

  • More flexibility
  • Easy to switch
  • Tail coverage from previous claims-made policy is often included at no additional cost

CFO’s Looking to Simplify Accounting

  • Easier to forecast insurance premiums
  • Gives ability to strategize for the future
  • CFO’s can forecast their insurance premiums much easier to provide more sustainable strategies to plan for future

Groups with Yearly Turnover of Doctors

  • No confusion over tail coverage if a physician leaves the group
  • No tension about future tail costs

Doctors Nearing Retirement Age

  • Retiring doctors do not have to worry about tail coverage because their past occurrence policies cover the years they worked