Insurance Agent / Customer Service Representative

Here are things an Insurance Agent / Customer Service Representative at Presidio might do in no particular order. Copy and note in your application 5 things that are your most favorite to do and 5 things that are least favorite.

  • Respond to 60+ support requests via email every day
  • Dig through digital documents to find information to answer a client’s question about insurance coverage
  • Have a video call with a client to discuss their insurance needs and to answer their questions
  • Work with partners to track down a document, policy, invoice or answer to clients’ questions
  • Maintain client information and document service work you do in a software application like Salesforce, etc
  • Partner directly with other departments to create a feedback flow between teams
  • Create training for the team in videos or presentations
  • Reading through dozens of pages of policy documentation
  • Attend a medical conference to network with medical professionals to figure out if Presidio can solve a particular practice insurance challenge they have
  • Review applications for accuracy and completeness
  • Monitor our internal team channels and answer teammates’ questions
  • Review claim histories over multiple years and create history data over time in a visual story
  • Evaluate clients’ practice insurance needs, identify insurance products they don’t have, and make recommendations for additional insurance products
  • Research trends in the medical practice industry and when appropriate share with clients social media posts, articles, webinars, etc you find