Five Things Every Healthcare Provider Must Know


Medical malpractice insurance is as necessary to a physician or healthcare provider as a stethoscope. The insurance protects the healthcare provider from having to bear the full costs of a legal defense and settlement in a malpractice lawsuit. Like other insurance policies, there are many options, … [Read more...]

How do You Buy Your Medical Malpractice Policy?


Malpractice insurance is an important cornerstone to every medical practice. Often called Medical Professional Liability Insurance, a policy may provide coverage for various items, but at its core,  the policy will cover the costs associated with negligence lawsuits  including legal fees, expert … [Read more...]

Know the Difference Between Business Liability and Malpractice Insurance


The best way to differentiate between business liability insurance and medical malpractice insurance is to examine the who's and what's of your coverag. Business liability insurance, often referred to as general liability insurance, should be carried by every business. The insurance protects a … [Read more...]

Do Nurses Need Their Own Insurance?


One upon a time, a nurse or nurse practitioner went to work, performed their critically important duties, and never worried about lawsuits. But times have changed and lawsuits for medical malpractice are no longer confined to just doctors and physicians. Nurses are increasingly targeted by litigious … [Read more...]

Liability Insurance for MD’s – Just the Facts


According to a recent Gallup Poll, physicians are among the top three most trusted professionals. Americans value their doctors for their education, expertise, and skills and assume that their doctor will never let them down. But even the best doctors sometimes make mistakes and that’s why liability … [Read more...]

Is CA PROP 46 a sneaky trick on voters?

Read the facts and decide for yourself...What is proposition 46 ? Presidio Insurance urges you to discover the facts for yourselves. WHAT WILL PROP. 46 DO?. Prop 46 does three things: Quadruples the limit on medical malpractice awards in California, which will cost consumers and taxpayers … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Insurance Demand and Incident Claims Triggers

A medical malpractice insurance policy is a contract. The terms of the contract, what is covered and what is excluded, can vary from company to company and even among different policies issued by the same company. One important variance can be demonstrated by demand and incident triggers. In a … [Read more...]

Podiatrists | 2014 Western Foot & Ankle Conference | Presidio Insurance

Enter to Win

Presidio Insurance will have a booth with Medical Protective at the 2014 Western Foot & Ankle Conference. We are excited to offer the chance to win $11,899.00. Podiatrists can find out about the new malpractice insurance program, DPM Preferred. We are giving away the chance to win Malpractice … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage For Hospitalists

Presidio Insurance Hospitalist

Strategies to Reduce Liability Risks for Hospitalists As the first medical professional liability insurer to establish a patient safety department, The Doctors Company remains the leader in developing innovative tools that can help you reduce risk and keep your patients safe. Hospitalists face … [Read more...]

California Medical Malpractice Initiative Qualifies For November 2014 Elections

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California physicians will be facing an upcoming battle in the golden state (California) in the coming month's. If Obamacare wasn't enough to leave you shaking your head, a new initiative that aims to increase liability limits for physicians is coming to a ballot box near you. Physicians who … [Read more...]