Fall Health Notice

As we welcome Autumn’s brisk weather, spiced drinks and the holidays it also brings new opportunities for colds, sluggishness and just generally feeling under-the-weather. As health care professionals the general public depends on you to keep them healthy but what about you guys? Who supports you in … [Read more...]

The Doctors Company: New Subsidiary

Recently The Doctors Company  (TDC) announced the creation of a new excess and surplus lines subsidiary— called TDC Specialty Underwriters, Inc.—to facilitate the expansion of its product and service offerings to a broader and changing array of healthcare industry insurance customers. Available … [Read more...]

Do Mobile Medispas Need Medical Malpractice Insurance?

There's no doubt technology has brought us a long way from the necessity of brick and mortar establishments to sell our goods and services. Not just food trucks, but just about everything is conveniently on wheels nowadays. The medical beauty industry is no stranger to making things more and more … [Read more...]

MLMIC to Join Berkshire Hathaway Family of Companies

  Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (“MLMIC”), based in New York, New York, began its operations in 1975. MLMIC predominantly underwrites professional liability insurance in New York. Recently Berkshire Hathaway Inc. agreed to buy MLMIC which is the largest underwriter of … [Read more...]

Presidio CEO, Gisela Smith Selected for Nonprofit Advisory Board

    Newbury Park, CA – Gisela Smith, CEO of Presidio Insurance Solutions, has been named to the Advisory Board for You Make The Difference, established in 2014 to spotlight nonprofit organizations in front of charitable givers and potential volunteers. You Make The Difference is a … [Read more...]

National Health Center Week

Health Care for the Homeless Day The theme for National Health Center Week 2016 (NHCW) is “Celebrating America’s Health Centers: Innovators in Community Health.” Health Centers, as local and community owned and operated businesses serve over 24 million Americans at more than 9,000 delivery … [Read more...]

Presidio Profiles: Samuel J. Ashe II

What brought you to work at Presidio? Something about the niche of malpractice insurance sounded very interesting to me. As a marketing professional and aspiring marketing consultant I wanted to get experience engaging communities in as many different industries as possible. Presidio has already … [Read more...]

FTCA Wrap Coverage: The What, Why & How

Background The Johnson administration saw an unprecedented prevalence of poverty in the United States during the 1960’s. Coupled with the influence from the Civil Rights Movement, a spotlight had been placed on the struggles of the impoverished, and in his so-called “War on Poverty,” Johnson’s … [Read more...]

Insurance Pitfalls for Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists (PT's) most notably treat patients by assisting them in regaining sensorimotor control following an accident or operation. Through various physical movements and mechanical force exercises, PT's guide patients to attain optimal bodily control using specialized workout equipment. … [Read more...]