FTCA Wrap Coverage: The What, Why & How

Background The Johnson administration saw an unprecedented prevalence of poverty in the United States during the 1960’s. Coupled with the influence from the Civil Rights Movement, a spotlight had been placed on the struggles of the impoverished, and in his so-called “War on Poverty,” Johnson’s … [Read more...]

Insurance Pitfalls for Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists (PT's) most notably treat patients by assisting them in regaining sensorimotor control following an accident or operation. Through various physical movements and mechanical force exercises, PT's guide patients to attain optimal bodily control using specialized workout equipment. … [Read more...]

Is Malpractice Insurance More Expensive in CA?

There are a lot of things that tend to be more expensive in California than in other states: real estate and gasoline, just to name two. But medical malpractice coverage can be a different story. With federal, state, and local legislation all affecting individual premiums, there are a lot of factors … [Read more...]

How Litigation Drives Up Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are typically higher in the U.S. than in other countries for the same procedure, and there a quite a few reasons why. Some look to the private sector for solutions, while others think that if health insurance were mandatory and everyone pitched in, costs could be brought … [Read more...]

Why Your Tattoo Removal Clinic Needs Malpractice Insurance

Tattoo removal is most commonly done using specialized lasers that fade away the inked pigments of the skin. The treatment is typically performed by licensed technicians, and requires multiple sessions over a matter of weeks or months to remove. Interestingly, the color of tattoo ink is a major … [Read more...]

Guess Who is Responsible for Over One Third of Malpractice Payments?

The New England Journal of Medicine released the results of their fifteen-year study on Jan. 28 using claims data from the National Practitioner Data Bank. Over 60,000 claims were reviewed for cause, payment amount, and named physician demographics. … [Read more...]

Addressing Discrimination Charges

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently published their annual report of the most prevalent workplace discrimination charges. Of the top ten charges, Retaliation tops 2015’s list at just under 40,000 cases. The EEOC reported that it had resolved over 92,000 cases in the … [Read more...]

New NORCAL Mutual Insurance Program

  Choice Health Associates, composed of independent doctors and practices throughout Southern California, has partnered with Presidio Insurance to bring a variety of events and resources to its dedicated members. Here at Presidio, we’re proud of all we’ve been able to provide, and now, we’re … [Read more...]

NEWS: Medscape Malpractice Report 2015 Released

Every year, Medscape sends out a survey to gauge how physicians and healthcare specialists regard their malpractice suits: how likely they feel that they will have a claim, what specialties and demographics get sued the most, and even how defendants feel about plaintiff lawyers. With over 4000 … [Read more...]

Presidio Profiles: Kerri Flores

Kerri is the newest addition to the team, and she's ecstatic to be a part of Presidio. She's going through her paces now, but she'll soon be handling many of our clients' renewals. Additionally, she'll be assisting our account executives with managing client relationships, as well as helping out … [Read more...]