Preventing Sexual Harassment in Healthcare | Me Too

  #MeToo If you follow that hashtag, you'll get a glimpse into the magnitude of the problem women face in the workplace: sexual harassment & assault. From Hollywood to Healthcare, this happens in every industry. With over 50% of female nurses, physicians, and students … [Read more...]

Do ER Physicians have to check CURES? | Client Questions

    Question Do ER Physicians have to check CURES before they prescribe opioids? Answer The way it's currently mandated, no; but should they? Let's discuss! CURES Background CURES 2.0 or the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System database organizes Schedule II, III … [Read more...]

Risk Transfer vs. Pooling Risk

  One point of interest for RRGs, as covered in our 10 Reasons to Reconsider RRGs blog, are the hidden fees. This time, not so much talking about membership fees associated with RRG and mutual trusts. Now we're focusing on the costs associated with risk pooling. When considering insurance … [Read more...]

What is a Hammer Clause?

Do you have the final say whether or not your insurance company can decide to settle a claim? This provision, otherwise known as consent to settle is found in your medical malpractice insurance policy that requires an insurer to seek an insured's approval prior to settling a claim for a specific … [Read more...]

Donate to the Bread of Life Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Our thoughts are with anyone in the path of any damage the various storms have caused this hurricane season. In hopes of giving back and making a difference, Team Presidio was inspired to host a fundraiser benefiting those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey via Bread of Life Inc. Please join … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Reconsider RRGs

We've touched on what to do when your RRG faces liquidation, but it seems this subject matter is still trending, because another Risk Retention Group (RRG) has just announced that they're facing liquidation. As of 8/31/17 Fairway Physicians Insurance doesn't have any active policyholders. The … [Read more...]

Cybersecurity & Healthcare

    Each day we hear about another cyber breach. It doesn't matter whether it's individuals or corporations and organizations, what size or what industry. Let's take a look at how healthcare professionals and the every day data is not only at risk but how we can work on some … [Read more...]

Enchanted Evening of Hope 2017

On August 5th 2017, Presidio Insurance, among many distinguished individuals from the Ventura County area joined in celebration of life and fundraising in support of the American Cancer Society's life-saving programs, services and continued mission to advance research, advocacy and provide free … [Read more...]

Take a Vacation. No, really!

  For many of us, it doesn't take much convincing to go on vacation. Unfortunately, many different factors come into play when you're a practice owner or if you're such a valued member of your team that your absence is significantly felt when you're gone. Worry not, it actually could be … [Read more...]

Superior Patient Care Awarded with Over $50M

Over $50 Million Awarded to Physicians for Delivering Superior Patient Care The Doctors Company (TDC) continues to take the mal out of malpractice insurance by rewarding physicians for providing superior patient care. Recently TDC announced that they've paid over $50 million in Tribute® Plan … [Read more...]

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